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When your little ones require further and special kind of care due to disabilities, our caregivers are ready to provide the assistance they need. You can count on us to evaluate your child’s situations carefully and render the appropriate services.

Get the help that you, your family, and most importantly, your children need. Call us today!

Specially-developed care programs for children with special needs Services We Offer

The services we offer are all designed to benefit young ones who go through the challenges associated with their disabilities. Find out what we can help you with.


Giving relief to family members caring for youngsters with disabilities

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Helping children with disabilities integrate into the community

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Developmental & Behavioral Aide

Providing counsel and treatment to young patients with disabilities

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Support for children with disabilities Our Mission Statement

“To provide support to children with learning, physical, mental and/or behavioral disabilities so they can live a better life.”

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Allow our qualified team to assist you! A Disability Should Not Bring Your Child Down

At Step By Step Caregivers, we are more than happy to be your child's support every step of the way.

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