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Established in 2008, Step By Step Caregivers aims to be the aides you can trust when it comes to caring for your little ones battling through various types of disabilities. We believe that a caregiver plays a huge and crucial role in helping these children enjoy a fulfilling and good quality of life.

All members of our competent team possess the necessary qualifications to look after your youngsters and meet their needs. Along with meeting their needs, we also aim to exceed your expectations, making sure that your entire family can benefit from the expertise that we take pride in.

Serving with a purpose, we are dedicated to completing our mission:

“To provide support to children with learning, physical, mental and/or behavioral disabilities so they can live a better life.”

We do our part of the job seriously. Allow us to give you and your children the opportunity to live life to the fullest despite the disabilities present. Call us at 403-903-2208 today.